On Thanksgiving day we shared a meal with 2  Eleuthera families. All together there were 6 children among us. The children were happy to join us for dinner, these are families who have working fathers and mothers who provide for them, none are considered poor. All, however ,were thrilled by the fact that we had installed a new tap on our sink that, through reverse osmosis, provides clean drinking water right from a faucet!Each child wanted to try the water and they were amazed to see the structure of the system inside the sink cabinet in our kitchen.

We are not living in a 3rd world country…yet this is such a basic need that is not widely available or affordable. In the US, even someone without means can go to a public drinking fountain and get fresh water.  I consider the fact that this is much like my faith. I have it available to me, but am not thrilled by it because it is just there, I take it for granted. Like the children, I need to be excited about the living water that feeds my faith and I need to share this water with others. I am always willing to share my resources with others, I need to be just as willing to share my faith.


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